Are you ready to bring comfort?

Hosting a donation site is easy.



Our primary goal is to collect brand new pajamas for kids in foster care. There are over 400,000 foster kids across the country. 400,000. That’s no small number folks. This means there are plenty of donation site options. From churches, schools, office parties, small groups to softball teams and local businesses. Your pajama drive will help provide jammies to foster kids in YOUR community and your surrounding area. We are all about serving your local kids. We are just here to help. 

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Fill out Jambos Partnership form. Click Here

Step 2: Our team connects with you and arranges to help promote your event. Via social media, news letter, video etc. We help YOU build the energy around your pajama drive! 

Step 3: The event takes place. We have hosted ONE DAY, ONE WEEK, ONE MONTH donation sites. We can help you determine the best donation style for you. 

Step 4: We close the donation and we celebrate! We love to recognize and celebrate our rockstar donors! 

Step 5: The Jambos crew counts, sorts and attaches John 14:27 cards to each pair of pajamas. We pray with you and over each pair of pj’s before we hand deliver them to an area agency that has direct contact with the children we are serving. 

Raising funds is fun too!



Donation sites are made possible by folks like you who help fund every single event we host. We are blessed to have rockstars like yourself who find joy in giving financially. You help make this entire ship sail. 


Our ask is that you pray around your donation. We hope that this mission becomes near to your heart as you consider giving. 

Fun Fact: The first 10%  of every dollar goes towards the purchase of brand new pajamas. That means the first 10% of your gift will go on the backs of foster children across the country. Our homepage has a fancy little donate button which makes donating easy. But for those of you wanting to empty all your pockets for a good cause; click here and our team will contact you directly.

 No, seriously, we will!